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How to Reduce Pitta in Your Body

Naran S Balakumar In a hot summer, some people feel dizzy or get a vomiting sensation, all due to high Pitta (fire element) in their body. Or some by nature have more of Pitta in their body. How to reduce it? The main reason behind Pitta is poor digestive practices. Fix it. Another way, even if you have good food habits, is to do the following:

  1. Before taking the food offer it to god (mentally) and ask him to give it back to you as Prasad (blessed food). How many people is the reason behind the rice you eat? Are they happy? The farmer is not getting a good price. The guy who is loading not a getting good wages. They are not happy. Their feeling of unhappy energy is in the food.

  2. So say thanks to each and every person who has contributed to your food. A kg of rice is sold by the farmer for 10 rupees while it is sold for 40 rupees in the city. A kg of carrot is bought for 12 rupees but sold for 50 rupees. The merchants are making money and not the farmer.


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