Naran Sir’s Power Symbols with Switch Words Workshop

Facilitator: Uma

Date: 21-May- 2022

Time: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

venue: Zoom meeting


To register, please send message to Ms.Irene: +91 98212 33349

A simple, unique healing method channelled by Naran S.Balakumar.



- It is a simple technique that even a 10-year-old child can learn it.

- No need to learn, practice or remember the symbols.

- Symbols – Kanji (Japanese) complements and supplement the power of switch words.

- One can use them by simply looking or by keeping it under the pillow or carry it in their pocket.

- One can place crystals on them and use the crystals.


Life situations you can heal with symbols are

# To turn children/ spouse on the right path

# Prosperity – to attract clients 

#To make profit

# To get money

# To repay all the debts 

# Luck, prosperity, happiness, longevity

# Harmony in family

# Career success

# To drive out evil, black magic

# For court cases

# To heal addiction

# To get married

# Solve the property disputes

# To regain the lost love

# To unite broken relationship

# Job stability

# Examination : to do your best, and find success in examinations