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                                               Naran Sri's White Light Group
                                                                             (A monthly paid Whatsapp group)

Duration: 14-October- 2023  to 12-November- 2023 (30 days)

EE: Rs.350/-

For Registration and payment details, contact 

Ms.Kamlu (Delhi) :+ 91 9999998944

Ms.Irene Dsouza (Mumbai, Chennai): + 91 9821233349

Mr.Ravi (Bangalore) : +91 9916813601

Dr.Pavan (Hyderabad) :+91 9849059601

A daily healing tip (s) shared to all White Light Group members through WhatsApp group.
In the upcoming October Group

  • Mother's Healing Number Codes (Channeled by NARAN Sri) for various life situations. 

  • A new power symbol and Savitri line chanting to reform those who get easily influenced by bad habits or bad company

  • Heal Mother and Daughter relationship

  • Chakra Bija mantras for life situations

  • Simplified solar healing

  • New learning about Mudras

  • Simplified Violet Flame healing tips to heal your past (No invocation. No meditation)

  • Guided meditations

     and many more healing tips

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