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Naran Sir's Basics of Bach Flower Remedies 

Facilitator Ms.Irene Dsouza

Learn Basics of Bach Flower Remedies

Curriculum : Naran S. Balakumar

Facilitator : Irene Dsouza 

Course Fee : Fresher : Rs.4000/  Repeater : Rs.2000/-

For Registration : +91 9821233349

Are you facing -
Anger? Rage? Resentment? Guilt? Fear? Low Self Esteem? Jealousy? Loneliness? Etc

Unshackle yourself from the web of negative emotions.

Experience the magical world of Bach Flower Remedies and raise your positivity and vibrations.

Learn Bach Flower Therapy on Zoom over 2 afternoons

Workshop Contents :
1. Simple  to understand explanations of all 39 remedies
2. How to use them in everyday life situations
3. Special tips and Combinations by Naran S Balakumar
4. How to prepare the remedies (in pill forms)
5. Additional techniques of using Bach Flowers (circles, chanting, etc)

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