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Switch Word Audio Podcast

                                   Naran S. Balakumar's unique approach on Switch words

This audio podcast contains 6 set of audios on switchwords to handle various life situations.



1. What is a switchword and how it works on various levels??

2. Redefine the aim of your life

3. Achieve any desire easily

4. Switchwords to increase money flow 

5. Shift from loss to profit

6. Balance income and expenses

7. Immediately manifest money

8. Free your self from bad situation

9. Stop paying interest for loans

10. Transform setback into a benefit

11. Attract more clients

12. To come out of debts

13. To be free from worry & problems

14. Overcome dilemma

15. To develop good communication

16. Handle your day to day challenges easily with switchwords

17. Switch words (Supportive healing) for physical problems like diabetes, high BP, dengue fever


and much more.....


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