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What we can learn from Rama and Krishna

Naran S Balakumar Rama accepted everybody and everything that happened in his life. He had the attitude that let whatever happens does happen. Tonight he comes to know that tomorrow he is going to be crowned. However, very next day he was asked to go to forest and live there for 14 years. In both the situations, he remained composed with no reactions from his side. Even after Sita was lost, he had the confidence to somehow find her. However, if it would have been us, we will search for two to three days and on the fourth day we will return home giving up on her. Any human being will only do that. Whether he knew there was a solution to that problem or he accepted whatever happened in his life, nobody can tell that. While Rama shows to us how to accept whatever that happens in our lives, Krishna shows how to handle our lives beautifully.


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