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Story of Prahalad

Naran S Balakumar

If you have this attitude money will come to you You need to have a strong belief that money belongs to Lakshmi or Divine. Only on that basis you need to build your prosperity consciousness. Is there anybody who practiced that? To my knowledge only two persons practiced that. You know very well they are not here. They cannot be.

Story of Prahalad Who is that person, who totally believed that Mahalakshmi or the divine is the source of money? It is Prahalad, who is a Rakshasa (Asura). What is the difference between Devas and Asuras? Asuras can create wealth, but they will not distribute it to anybody. Devas cannot create money like us. However, they can give it to others. Vayu – air, is a Deva, because it is always giving. After Hiranyakashipu, his son Prahalad became the king of Asuras. He became so powerful and prosperous. He became so wealthy, while at the same time, Lord Indra lost his kingdom Amaravati. This means, the entire world belonged to Prahalad, who attracted everything and got everything. Prahalad was the only person at that time who was blessed 100% by Mahalakshmi.

Mahavishnu was ready to give a boon to Prahalad Narasimha Avatar took place. Mahavishnu killed Hiranyakashipu in front of his son Prahalad. Father was killed in front of his son by Lord Vishnu and son prayed to Lord Vishnu. Mahavishnu asked Prahalad, “What do you want?” Prahalad weeping replied to him, “I have the devotion for you without an intention to bargain with you. Whatever you want to give it to me, you please give that to me. “Even to utter these words, I feel weakened that I have asked you to give me anything you think. I am not devoted to you for the sake of anything. I only want you – you alone”. That’s why he was blessed by Mahalakshmi and was called for the same reason as Shriman Prahalad.

Lord Indra tricks Prahalad Meanwhile, Lord Indra was worried about his lost wealth. He wanted to find out why Prahalad was so prosperous. He disguised himself as a priest and went to Prahalad to give him some work. He served Prahalad so well that Prahalad decided to give Indra a boon. Indra asked Prahalad “Please tell me the secret of your prosperity”. Prahalad replied to Indra, “I performed my deeds in line with dharma. “I handled money with the highest devotion keeping Lord Narayana in my heart, while keeping in mind the basic principle that ‘None of this wealth is mine and everything belongs to Sri Mahalakshmi. “This devotion keeps me prosperous”. On hearing this Lord Indra, “Can you give me the benefit of this devotion to me (as your boon)?” Instead of asking directly for money, Indra asked Prahalad to give that devotion and that principle to him. Prahalad gave that to Indra, and so Mahalakshmi left Prahalad. Indra became prosperous and powerful, and got back his kingdom Amaravati. Whenever there is money or wherever there is Lakshmi, Alakshmi always follows her in the form of ego and pride. When you think ‘It is my money or it is my hard-earned money’, Alakshmi follows you. That’s why you need to keep the attitude, ‘This is not my money’. If I want it, the divine will give the money to me.

Alakshmi took over Indra This is what happened to Indra. How Alakshmi did come to him? Indra used to always drink, amusing himself with angels of heaven. After getting money, everybody does the same thing isn’t it? Wherever the Kettai star is prominent – say for example South Africa and other African countries, you will see? One particular day, Sage Durvasa – who is well-known for his anger, came to see Indra. The sage gave a garland worn by Mahalakshmi to Indra. Indra was fully drunk and lost his mind watching the angels dancing. So he without realizing, he threw the garland away, which fall at the feet of his elephant Airavata. It took it in its trunk, threw it on the ground and trampled it with its feet. Having insulted by Indra, Durvasa cursed him, “You didn’t understood the power of wealth bestowed upon you. Let Mahalakshmi abandon you”. Then you know the story how Mahalakshmi disappeared into Parkadal (ocean of milk) and appeared again when the Parkadal was churned by Asuras and Devas and Amirtham was brought out. Unless this point is followed by you, you won’t be happy with the money. You may find money, but you will not be happy, till you develop this principle (attitude).


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