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Story of Kubera

Naran S Balakumar Many knew about Kubera – the keeper of wealth, and many keep his picture in the house without knowing the significance of the picture. We also know that Kubera gave loan to Mahavishnu – Lord Venkatachalapathy. We do lot of Poojas for Kubera thinking that Kubera will give the money to you. He will never give money to you. But, he will give it only to Mahavishnu.

What about Kubera Mudra? When Kubera himself is not going to give you money, do you think Kubera Mudra will produce money for you? You believe in certain things. One day you will do Kubera Mudra, and will get money through some source. You will think then it is due to it. Even if you do the Kubera Mudra for 24 hours, your pot (of prosperity) will never increase in size, while it will increase due to the ‘I am sorry’ mantra.

What is the mentality of Kubera? There is another story in Bhavishya Purana, where Mahavishnu asks Kubera for money with willingness to pay interest for it and even today he is still paying interest. Kubera replied to Mahavishnu, “Oh Lord! This is not my money. This is yours. You take this money. I am not giving you any money. Don’t throw me in the hell by saying that I am giving the money to you. There is only one source for the money. You’re the source, you are giving the money and you are taking the money”.

Have the Kubera mantra and make so many expenses happily. That’s the significance of Kubera Mantra. You cannot pester him for money as he is not going to give it to you. Kubera staunchly believed that the divine is giving the money. We should get that belief. Without having that belief, if you keep complaining somebody has failed to give you money, you will only ruin your life. You will not get that money either. Money is given by him (the Divine) and money is taken by him. You can’t do anything about it.


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