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Today money is with you

Naran S Balakumar

A great disciple of Guruvayurappa – a case history It happened about 150 years back. The disciple is such a great devotee of Lord Guruvayurappa that he will not eat his food without saying ‘Narayana’. Moreover, throughout the day he will utter the word ‘Guruvayurappa’. Every day, he will put some money in the Hundial kept for Guruvayurappa with an intention that on the day he visits the temple of Guruvayurappa, he will offer it to Lord Guruvayurappa (by putting the Hundial kept in the temple). He collected like this over a period of 10 years. He decided to visit the temple and travelled to Trichur. On visiting the temple, he kept the purse in the banks of the pond inside the people, as he was about to take his bath in the pond. This custom of taking the bath is followed in this part of the world as one can see the lord only after taking a bath. After finishing the bath, he found that his purse was missing. He searched everywhere and could not find it at all. He was shocked and complained to lord, “All these 10 years I had been collecting this money to offer to you Lord. Now, it is lost. How I am going to do the offering to you. Are you there or not?” That night he slept in the temple. Guruvayurappa came in his dream. He said, “The person who took the money also prayed to me. I did not know from where I can give the money to him. Around the same time, you had come to offer the money to me. “So, I directed the money to the person who prayed to me for money. Your offering (of money) has come to me. Now, I had directed the money to him and he had taken it”.

Divine flow of moneyMoney was with you yesterday. Today it is with him. Tomorrow it may be with somebody. In addition, it has to travel to others eventually – never staying in one place.


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