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Story about Sree Ram Jay Ram Mantra in Ramayana

Naran S Balakumar The monkeys went in search of Sita. They were given sometime to do the search and yet they couldn’t find Sita at all. When they reached the sea near Ramanathapuram – a place or line that divides India and Sri Lanka, they stopped there, the southern tip of India. They talked to themselves saying that without finding Sita, they can’t go back to Sugreeva – their king. Therefore, they decided to commit suicide. At that time, they were discussing about Rama, Sita, Ravana and Jatayu. There was a giant eagle called as Shambaathi, in the nearby hillock, which was without its wings, and thus it could only move and could not fly also. It was listening to the monkeys. A few hundred years back, there was a competition between Jatayu and Shambaathi, to prove who can fly high by touching the sun first. They were flying very high, but the burning of the sun was so severe that Jatayu cried in pain. To protect Jatayu, his brother Shambaathi, flew over him and protected him with its wings. The result – his entire feathers from its wings were burned away by the sun. He fell down from the sky and from that moment onwards he was living in that hillock near the southern tip of India. He called these Vanaras – Then they told him about the story of Sita, who was abducted by Ravana. Shambaathi told the monkeys, “With my eye-sight, I am able to see Sita in Sri Lanka”. In Joy and Delight, the monkeys shouted saying the mantra repeatedly “SREE RAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM”. To the amazement and surprise of the monkeys, the wings of Shambaathi, grew. That is the power of this mantra – revival and renewal. In Chemotherapy, even normal cells are killed (along with cancer cells). Revival and renewal of those cells can be done only by this mantra. The body has a self-defense mechanism. Whenever there is a tumor or cancer, immediately it will produce killer cells. But, when cancer develops, the killer cells are absent. This Rama Mantra can work as a killer cell and kill the cancer cells.


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