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Solar Miracles

Updated: Apr 23

SNM Please advise me about your precious method that can heal Ovary Cysts. I know a 25-year old girl, for whom her right Ovary has been removed due to tumor and cysts has been found in her left ovary. Can her mother and mother in-law chant for her?

Naran 1. Chant BLUE SAPPHIRE 2. Pray to sun god, “Sun-god, please send the solar healing rays on — (name of the person), to disintegrate and expel the undead cells of the ovarian cyst.” Pray once and visualize solar rays healing her. She will be alright. Her Mother and Mother-in-law can chant for her.

SNM Cysts have been found dissolved. No more cysts. Thank God.

Naran Now continue the healing in a different way: “Sun god, please send the solar healing rays that align every organ every cell of — (the patient’s) body to DIVINE ORDER”. Visualize the rays filling up the entire body. Thank the Sun God after 5 minutes and come out of the solar meditation.

SNM Cysts have been dissolved. Thank God. May dear one have healthy life and positive Vibration by the Grace of Lord SUN.

Naran The Gem Remedy Blue Sapphire can restrict the growth of any unwanted cell in the body. The Sun has all the energy to remove the unwanted cells from our body and give the necessary energy and cells to our body.


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