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Remove the Darkness Inside Others

Updated: Feb 19

Naran Sri Balakumar

In the ancient days, there were lot of clairvoyants and healers around.

The moment they see other person’s aura, any unwanted black energy in the aura can be found by them. They used healing methods to do the necessary cleansing and clearing of that unwanted energy in the auric field.

If you don’t clear this black energy, you will be affected by them. No need to have doubt about that.

The ancient healers said, once you see the black energy (any negative element) then the black energy also sees you. Then there will be a contamination of your energy field.

Is there is any technique to remove that darkness and the black energy inside you?

Yes there is one:

  1. When you see the darkness in an auric field, visualize the sun in the mind of the person, which will burn any possible contamination in the energy field.

  2. Once you see the darkness, there will be an energy reaction from us. Mother Earth can transform us. Direct that energy to the earth. Thank her.

  3. After that visualize a cow. This is not only for healers but for every one of us. Whenever we see darkness – mother earth and cow can remove our energy reaction. (Using the same method, you can heal the negative qualities of yourself or the other person whose negativity affects you.) Do you know how much darkness has been transmuted by Mother Earth so far?


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