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Proper Functioning of Liver and Kidney

RDMSolar Miracles: Can I do this exercise for the proper functioning of the LIVER/KIDNEY? If yes, what could be the prayer? My friend’s mother was found malfunctioning of the liver/kidney due to alcohol addiction by a homeopathic doctor. She was complaining of stomach pain suddenly for almost a week and does not want to go to a doctor. She behaves abrupt and rude enough, abusing the children for no cause. The doctor asked for about 20k for the homeopathy medicines. My friend is not in that good position to spend so much and no one to help her also. Request your valuable advice for the same.

NaranYes you can do. Say, “Sun god, please send the solar LIFE ENERGY RAYS to the liver and kidneys of ………(name of your friend’s mother” Visualize the rays filling up, and thank the kidneys and liver for receiving the life energy rays and functioning well. Chant “Kidneys Liver CHANGE DIVINE ORDER TOGETHER BE ALONE” 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to the patient.


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