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How to Change Our Life Patterns

Naran S Balakumar ACCEPTANCE or PUSHAN MUDRA tells us that we have to accept whatever is happening (in our lives) and there shouldn’t be any resistance from our side. There are only two rules in this world:

  1. You get what you do not want

  2. You don’t get what you want Between these two rules the world operates. If this is the rule and if this is life then how we can accept it? One part of the mind wants to accept and another part wants to resist the same because mind is not a single unit. Mind contains various parts. One part of the mind is angry, one part is depressed and another part worries. Thus our mind is a composition of different parts. We need to connect to Sun God The advantage of Pushan Mudra is, by being in this Mudra, you are directly connected to the Sun God or the universal provider. When you are in this Mudra you are not only activating solar plexus, but your connection with sun god is reinforced, activated and re-established. That means you can get the light from him as per your intention. How to solve your problems using solar healing? You have all kinds of problems in life – each and every one of us has 50 to 60 problems in life. Why there is a problem? The mind couldn’t understand as it sees only the problem. There is also another part of the mind, which is already enlightened, is inside us. However, we are not able to tap it. Take down your emotions, opinions and thoughts and invite the Sun God to pour light on the problem, and on the predominant emotion. From the Sun God, bring in the light to the emotion or the problem, so that it is replaced by light and love. Suppose there is a conflict or an argument and you feel sad about it later on. The rule is ‘don’t feel sad’, accept it and move on. However, we are not able to do that. Be in the Acceptance Mudra and ask the Sun god to throw light on the part of the mind that is sad. Bring the light and put the light on sadness. Fill up the sadness with light and love. You will be definitely out of sadness. Any resistance is darkness. So, whatever be the resistance put the light on it. Even for pain, call the Sun God, to fill up the pain with light and love, so that the pain goes off. For the problem also you put the light. Put the light; fill it up with light and love, so I accept the life totally. That is more important.

How to heal the problems in life and change the whole life patterns? When you ask the Sun God to put the light over the problem and transform into light and love, it will happen. Within two or three days you will notice the difference within yourself. Very important to change the whole life pattern.


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