Side Benefits of Bach Flower Remedies

A Lady of around 50 years of age approached Naran and said ,”I have aversion to all of my family members- mother in law, sister in law and even husband- I spent all my years like a servant to all of them They exploited me and don't have any gratitude

I have nothing but aversion only for them.

Naran prescribed BACH FLOWER remedies CENTAURY CHICORY WILLOW PINE and asked her to take for three months.

How to take them:

Put 7 pills of each, in a glass of water and sip that water every two hours from morning to evening.

Why above remedies?

Centaury: for serving the family with anger and resentment

and for inability to say “no”, when needed

Chicory for expecting gratitude from others

Willow and Pine for resentment aversion and self-pity (it is better to combine pine with willow always.)

Redchestnut to develop concern for others.

After taking these remedies for 3 months not only did the lady come out of anger and resentment but surprisingly got the offer to work in a social service organisation for elders which she happily accepted and no one in the family objected.

Now she is getting paid for for the service she is doing.

An unwilling worker turns into a willing server

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