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Say NO assertively with Gem, flower remedies

I met someone in arranged marriage setup who turned out very toxic and manipulative.

He was after me to get married to him saying he was in love and I liked him too.

He wasn’t willing to give me more time to meet him more till I had clarity I want to get married or got a yes from my heart.

I was getting neither yes nor no for him, I only felt I need to meet him more. Meanwhile the boy continued displaying signs of being a toxic person and not the right life partner but under all his manipulations I and my family felt really confused. He was building pressure on me to say yes and refused to let me have more time like I said above.

The situation became very depleting and unhealthy for me at a certain point and it wasn’t possible to keep going any further.

I consulted Naran sir, told him about some traits of the boy.

Sir gave me Walnut, Ruby and Century and after taking it I could finally take a very firm stand for myself that without meeting more I won’t say yes.

I didn’t succumb to any of the pressures from many people around and finally came out of the unhealthy situation as the Boy never agreed to let me take some more time.

Astrologer had told I was destined to marry this person. But truly, we always have a choice.

As of today I’m free and happy ( I do process sadness as and when it comes).

I’m taking a combination for forgetting about the boy which is very helpful as I had got a little attached to the boy first few times of meeting him.


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