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Savitri line chanting did this miracle!!!!!!!!!

Updated: Jan 23

Last Sunday Evening, I received a call from my friend seeking to help her daughter. Her eldest daughter lives in Varanasi and was carrying her third child.

Her due date was 13th Feb. She spoke to me around 7.30 pm.

She was very worried and in anxiety.

I understood that the Dr has found some complications in the scan and advised her to wait for one week.

She agreed to proceed with a C- Sec if labor doesn't set in by then. Indeed, the scan report displayed a few red flags.

I was going through Sir's blogs then , I found this amazing quote from Savitri which he has recommended for pregnant mothers.

I taught her the same...

"There is a guardian power, there are Hands that save"

I asked her to surrender to the supreme power and chant the line continuously.

I went to bed with prayers for her.

On Monday morning 6th feb, I received this phone call telling from her mother me that she delivered a baby boy around 8.40 am and it was a smooth sailing normal delivery.

Even as Iam writing this to you...I have goosebumps.

Huge Gratitude To Sir


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