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M I know eating every 2-3 hour is good. But I don’t eat fruits or other healthy food. If there are biscuits, sweets and rice, I will eat that. Even at night I eat something around 2-3 a.m. too. How to stop this habit and start eating healthy meal? I am not attracted towards junk food even if it is in fridge. I’m overweight too and trying to reduce weight.  I lost it but I gained again.

Naran Take the flower remedies WHITE CHESTNUT, WALNUT and CHERRY PLUM to stop this.

M Still I’m eating whatever in my fridge and kitchen – sweets etc. I don’t know whether it’s real hunger or what. Or I feel bored, so I eat. Pls help to stop this and so that I eat healthy food, and can do some exercise.

Naran Take the flower remedies WALNUT and CHERRY PLUM daily two pills each four times a day for a month.

Explanation To Control over-eating and impulsiveness: CHERRY PLUM Not to feel bored and eat and to break the habit: WALNUT To come out of continuous eating: WHITE CHESTNUT


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