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My weight came down

Client I have been listening to the WEIGHT LOSS CD for past one week or so regularly. I want to share my experience so far and how I have used it. I listened to the CD while working for 2 hours, felt lot of things happening in body like - small cramps, and some sort of movement within the body. After the session, I had to go to bathroom at least few times, had loose motions, water and gas. I felt really light after it. I thought first it might be one time, but whenever I listened to the CD, I felt my body expelled wastage that must have been pent up. Over the days, the frequency came down and so did my weight. Not just physically, I feel changes in my way of living as well. I feel more inclined towards exercise and feel less lethargic towards doing it. I restarted my walking and yoga as well. I did tapping as well whenever I could while listening to the CD. It also felt good. Thank you Naran for a wonderful CD!!!


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