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Love Lost and Found – an unbelievable story

Naran I will tell you a story written by a Hungarian in the Reader's Digest magazine. This is the story about a Hungarian, born in Hungary, but settled down in America. It was the year 1947-48. Daily he used to go to the railway station, to board the train and go to his office. He will catch the train exactly at 9'O cloak. On 10th January' 1948, after going to the station he suddenly thought to visit his friend and then go to the office. He decided to visit him. He caught another train. He met his friend and came back to the station around 11 and boarded the train for his office. The train was fully packed. He could not get into the train but jostled and managed to get into the train. He was standing. Near that place, a person who was sitting suddenly got up, and He sat in that place. Next to him there was a person, who was immersed in reading a newspaper. Out of curiosity, he looked into what the other person was reading. To his surprise and amazement it was a Hungarian Newspaper. This man thought that he found another Hungarian and felt immensely happy. He started talking to him. Both of them talked in their own language. For some reason, the person who was reading the newspaper was immensely sad. He asked him, “Hey why you are sad? What happened to you?” Then that man told his story.

The other man’s story “When the Second World War started, I was a student then. I was caught by Germans and kept in the concentration camp. The war was over and prisoners were set free. I went back to my village and to meet my family. “Unfortunately I could not find anybody. There was no person available to enquire about them. A child approached me. I enquired about my family members. “The child said that the all my family members were killed except for one lady, who was taken as a prisoner by the Germans. “Now where and how can I find my wife?” saying this, he wept because he had lost his wife. “Where can I search my wife? I don’t know whether my wife is alive or not? I am not able to find out. I travelled to Paris and then settled down here. “Now, I have stopped searching for my wife”.

The story didn’t end here, otherwise it will not be a story Suddenly our friend remembered having a met a Hungarian lady a week back. Fortunately, he had her number. Going by the details of this person he phoned her up, told her about his new Hungarian friend and asked her to find out whether he was her husband or not. The moment our friend talked to her, the other man started shedding tears. He said, "Yes I have found my wife. Fortunately, my wife is also here" and thanked this person. This article ends with five questions.

  1. Why should I suddenly decide on that day of 10th Jan 1948, to visit my friend?

  2. Why I took that train in spite of heavy crowd?

  3. Why should I catch that train at that time?

  4. Then when I went inside suddenly a person got up and gave me the seat. Why?

  5. Why should this person be reading the Hungarian paper? At that time had I not read that paper, what would have happened?

He leaves us to come out with our own answers We are made to believe that we are taking the decisions. We are made to believe that we are doing everything perfectly. However, everything is done by the divine. The divine is so compassionate that we are made to believe that we are taking the decisions. It is the divine who plans everything. As per the divine order, every second, every minute and every hour is important. That’s why we have to understand the value of time. Normally, when we understand the value of the time, we understand then that every event is a necessity. Whether we want it or not, it has to happen. When we believe this or when we accept any event as is, the divine will reveal itself. Till we resist our life, the divine is not revealed. We may have pleasure in talking about the divine. But, when we experience the divine, we will not be in a position to talk about it. All the events are only divine experiences, but with the help of the mind, we totally resist.

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