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Lack of Appetite

Naran Some parents complain that children are not eating properly. Chant the mantra “OM VAM NAMAHA, OM HAM NAMAHA”. For children who are not eating properly you can chant this mantra by keeping the hand on the child’s stomach. You can also chant this mantra over a tumbler of water and give this water to the child. HAM also activates the throat chakra – the chakra for creativity and expression. VAM activates the Hara Chakra. When both the chakras are activated – our talents will be show cased to the world.


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Mudra with Pranayama for Weight Loss

Naran S Balakumar For weight loss, LINGA MUDRA can be done. Do it for more than 15 minutes. Then do UJJAYI PRANAYAMA (inhale through mouth and exhale through nose) for one minute. If you do it, it wil

How to transform sadness and reduce your weight too?

Naran S Balakumar The animal spirit guide OWL transforms all sad thoughts into good thoughts. Look at the picture and chant, “OWL CRYSTAL TOGETHER DIVINE LIGHT”. This helps in weight loss too.

My weight came down

Client I have been listening to the WEIGHT LOSS CD for past one week or so regularly. I want to share my experience so far and how I have used it. I listened to the CD while working for 2 hours, felt


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