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Krishna’s Best Friend

Naran S Balakumar He had only one friend Uddhava. The Mahabharata war is over. Krishna goes back to his home country. He had become old and was in his death-bed. He started preparing himself for death by going into meditation. If we are in our death bed, what we will do? We would express our interest to meet our dear and near ones. Krishna expresses his desire only to meet his friend Uddhava. Uddhava comes to see Krishna. Krishna told him that he is passing away and said his final goodbye to Uddhava without having any sadness or remorse. Immediately, Uddhava falls at the feet of Krishna and started crying. He told Krishna that he will not let him go. Krishna starts preaching what is known as Uddhava Gita. He said, “Nothing is permanent in this world. Today something will be with one person. Tomorrow it will be in somebody else hand. Neither you lost it nor did he get it. “This is the law of the world. Change is the only permanent thing in the world. Everybody is bound within this law. “Don’t say this mine and that is mine. Stop the crying first. Nothing belongs to you”. Uddhava replied to Krishna, “I agree with whatever you say. Can you please give me the peacock feather you are wearing?” This is the difference between man and god. If I have something of god’s then I can see him – is the thinking of human mind. But the god says you can see me in everything.


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