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Imaginary Fears

Updated: Mar 30

Fear of imagination

I am giving this story so that you will learn how to use the flower remedy in a particular situation.

There is a newly married couple.

They went for the customary activity of honeymoon. 

They went to Kodaikanal.

The girl couldn’t sleep in the hotel room.

She was trying to put on the lights, while her husband was trying to put off them. She told him that she can’t sleep without the lights on as it was her practice right from childhood. And that too in the Kodaikanal, which was 6000 feet above the sea level, when she saw the darkness outside, she felt afraid and needed the lights to be on. However, as her husband is tired, he slept off easily.

When she put off the lights, she heard a whisper in her ears. She got startled – especially by the darkness outside seen through the windows. 

Her fears got increased and her pulse rate became very high. The leaves of the plants grown outside the house looked like ghosts to her. Again, when she put on the lights, she became normal. Any fear of darkness or fear and worry about ghosts or anything unspecified is ASPEN fear.

It is because in darkness, you always get imaginary fears. All sorts of imagination will happen.  This combination is the standard one I give for ghost busting. I give this combination also for any unnatural deaths – either by murder, suicide or accident. Then that place will be a haunted place. Definitely, their energy will be present there.

This combination will help them to evolve into the next stage (of life). White Chestnut, Walnut, Aspen and Crab Apple combination is a good house cleanser also. Add Mustard also.

This is the best combination to remove any spirit from any place. Once in a week this can be sprayed in the house, as the energy of the house will be highly positive. It will wipe out all thoughts and emotions accumulated in the space.

Even when the business is not flourishing as per the plan, this combination of remedies (put inside a vessel of water) can be sprayed in the business center.

Whenever a healer visits a place, they comment about the positive or negative vibrations present in that place.  If anybody comments about negative vibration, then immediately start chanting Aspen.

If you feel not comfortable about the place or have a premonitory feeling that something bad is going to happen that day, then Aspen is the remedy to address those feelings. Wherever you couldn’t specify the cause of the fear and say “I don’t know the reason for my fear” – Aspen is the remedy,


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