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Clear the unwanted and negative energies

Updated: Feb 25

Naran S Balakumar You need the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT, when you:

  1. Are unable to adjust to sudden changes in weather

  2. Moved into a new house

  3. Change jobs

  4. Organize a family function (put a few pills of Walnut in a glass of water and splash it on the hall where the function is held)

Case history

Client After my father’s death, I moved into his house. Even though I like the house, for a couple of months I could not sleep properly. When I consulted Naran, he told me that the energy of my father, who lived there for more than 10 years, is still present in that house, which is very different from mine. Thus, there is a disturbance. I sprayed my house with SPRAY (available in the Bach Flower Center) pills mixed water for a month and things came back to normal.


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