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One death that I can never forget

Case History “One death that I can never forget” is the remark of a person who looks after dying people in Kasi, India. He works as a manager in a lodge that caters to people who are about to die anytime. A dying person from any background is freely admitted inside the lodge, but for 12 days only. If they die within this period, they will be buried properly after doing the necessary rites. Otherwise, they had to vacate the lodge, no matter what their health condition may be.

Now, the manager narrates the remarkable story A 70 year-old person came to stay in the lodge. On 10th day of his stay, he wanted to meet his younger brother before he dies. On his brother visit, he apologized to him for constructing a wall between their houses. It was built ten years back and from that time onwards, he regretted the decision. After apologizing to his brother, he held his hand and requested him to break the wall immediately. While apologizing for his wrong decision he did let out a few drops of tears too. Then he died peacefully holding his brother’s hand. This was witnessed by the manager of the lodge. Even though he has witnessed more than thousands of deaths in his life, he said that he will never forget this one.

Naran S BalakumarAn act of forgiveness leads to peaceful death. That is the power of forgiveness!

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