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His wife died recently

Naran S Balakumar An Agrimony person is very peculiar, as he will not discuss his worries with anybody. He will keep everything within himself.  Looking at his face, nobody can figure out the problem he is facing. Nobody can find out what’s going on in my mind” is the typical expression of an Agrimony person. However, he is a jovial person. He is an extrovert and a good company for anybody outside his family. They are hiding all their worries under the mask of a smiling face.

Case History His wife passed away recently. However, looking at his face nobody can tell that because he has hidden it from others. Only his close friends could say that he is really missing his wife and pining for her. To forget loss of wife or something else, one may resort to drinks. For anybody, if they say that to forget their worries they drink then give them AGRIMONY because he does not discuss with you about his worries They go through so much mental torture for they are not revealing their feelings. It is so immense that if you ask them what they want they will say that they want only a peace of mind. Peace of mind’ is the expression that points to Agrimony.  If people working in office, just to relax are drinking or smoking then give them AGRIMONY.

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