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Humbleness – Hallmark of The Divine

Naran S Balakumar

The Mother’s Privilege A disciple asks, “Mother in what way I can show gratitude to you?” She replied, “To me this is a privilege for which I have no right. It is the divine”. Even though Sri Aurobindo calls her supreme mother, she replies “This is a privilege for which I have no right”. That’s the reason behind my saying that Divine in the form of Lord Krishna lovingly and humbly looks at you. Divine never says I am divine. The love and the humbleness is the hallmark of the divine.

The disciple at the top During the Kurukshetra war, Hanuman asked Krishna “Can I be at your top?” Hanuman previously was at the feet of Lord Rama. That’s why Hanuman is at the top of the chariot of Krishna in the form of a flag. That’s the humbleness of Krishna, for that matter, all divine beings.


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