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How to Become More Energetic

Naran S Balakumar Blood carries food to all the organs. It also carries glucose to the cells. To convert sugar into glucose, insulin is required. When the blood carries the nutrients to the cells and if the nutrients have sugar, then the cells will not open to receive the nutrients. For the cells, glucose is the energy for them. It converts the glucose into ATP. The more the ATP in the cells, they will become very active. To have more ATP you can do one technique. Open the hands to face the sun. In sun, there is hydrogen and in atmosphere oxygen is there. You have to bring the Sun in front (mentally) and do a small prayer, “Give me the universal energy in the form of ATP”. Visualize as you inhale, that ATP enters through your bones. It enters through the cervical to the crown chakra. From the crown chakra, as you exhale, bring it to the lower Hara chakra. As you exhale you have to swallow the saliva. If you do this, you will have a lot of energy.


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