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Healing the deaths of people drowned during the floods

Naran S Balakumar Whenever there is a calamity natural or man-made, let us say earthquakes, floods, collapsing of buildings and accidents, people who die will be facing a traumatic death. It will not only affect the deceased but also those who are living in the area of vicinity of those deaths. How? The deceased ones will not Passover peacefully to the other side and will be hanging around in spirit form. The living ones in that area will have both their personal and professional lives affected.

How to heal the deceased ones? Visualize a silver triangle in front of you. Put all their deaths into the triangle. You can also put the accidents and traumatic incidents into it. Call upon violet flame and ask it to transmute their deaths and the incidents into light and love. At the time of the death, you can also chant “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM”. This will help the deceased ones to pass over peacefully. You need not know the people you are praying for.

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