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Has great potential but lacks focus

VaishaliMy son is 17 years old. He finds his studies very difficult, especially maths and science. He also lacks focus. Always says I will do later but does not do. He needs to get admission in good college abroad. He also he has to score well in exams all of this year. Otherwise, his admission will be impossible. Please help him he has great potential but is not being able to achieve. He lost his father in an accident when he was 13 years old. How can he become happy and jolly person again?

Naran Buy and give him the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS, WILD ROSE, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, WALNUT, and CHICORY each 2 pills separately one after the other three times a day. They are available in Homeopathy shops. Don’t touch the pills by hand.

ExplanationNot to postpone: SCLERANTHUS To have internal motivation: WILD ROSE To bring in order in the traumatic mind: STAR OF BETHLEHEM To transit father’s death: WALNUT Longing for father’s love: CHICORY


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