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Golden Change Greater Dawn

I consulted Sir - as always I do- when I was emotionally bottled up.

My wife and son were quarrelling throughout the day and next day also it continued. I read the situation very alarming and thought its unmanageable for me to handle. I tried to convince myself that a fight between two family members is common and I must release all these fears and worries. But somehow when both the members are dear to you and not knowing whom to protect or defend, I found very suffocating.

I consulted Naran sir in whatsapp video call, he asked me to chant “ Golden Change Greater Dawn “ as many times possible. And I followed his advise.

To my surprise, the hard conversations I expected never happened. Things were very cool as If nothing happened. Even though I got the contents of the conflict, I ignored and released by this chant.

More than the issues, my inner calm is deepened and have become more aware of the dramas of the mind. I salute and thank sir profusely for the timely guidance.

Needless to say, whoever reaches him and follows him fully gets maximum relief and clarity.

Thank you Naran Sir !


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