Divine Protection - Lessons learnt

The lady was suggested with Savitri line chanting “There is a guardian power. There are hands that save.” to protect herself from unwanted people.

She consulted me again after one month.

Student: Sir, I lost my mobile and could not chant the Savitri lines you gave me. I had a terrible time. I avoided his personal discussions and just continued with official work. He falsely accused me of mishandling money. By Divine grace, one of the employees disclosed me that she had seen the man taking money from the cash box and giving unwanted trouble to me. I somehow gathered strength and took this as an opportunity and terminated my assignment with him and his franchise. Had I not missed the chanting these things would not have happened?

Naran Sir: As soon as you lost the mobile, you could have asked me again. Do not blame yourself or feel guilty. It has happened as per the Divine Will. Find out what good things happened out of this bad experience. Think and tell me.

Student: I should know the value of Divine help given to me.

Naran Sir: What lessons you learnt out of this experience?


1. Not nurturing what I already have but move to another one without giving my fullest attention at a point of crisis.

2. Scared to be left out so not setting boundaries when I had to on stand my ground.

Not saying NO in many places where I felt I Should have.

3. Physical & mental health importance should be priority over anything and anyone.

Burnout because of taking up too much work.

4. Not to be overconfident instead analyze and think it thoroughly in many ways possible.

5. DONT START or Get into any commitment if I have second thoughts about.

6. Taking up more work to keep me diverted from pain.

Naran Sir: Very good. When you take the ownership of the action, you feel guilty. When you remove the ownership, you will see the Divine Will behind the events and learn out of it.

Student: Yes Sir. Now I realize that all these events happened for good and I will never repeat these mistakes again.

Naran Sir: Savitri line chanting “There is a guardian power and there are hands that save” would have protected you. No doubt about it.

Even without chanting the lines (You heard it only once when it was suggested to you) it has brought in most valuable lesson and awareness in your life.

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