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Death Follows a Wedding

Naran S Balakumar You know very well, as Science says that time and space is one and the same. Recently, an 80-year-old lady was bed-ridden when marriage for her grandson was fixed. As the days go by and the wedding was getting near, she was almost on the verge of collapse and everyone was afraid that the marriage would have to be cancelled. Her daughter came to me and told me, “This is our problem. All my relatives and friends have come. Only two days is left for the wedding. If my mother dies now, we cannot perform the marriage because we will have theetu (unholy and inauspicious) then”. Then using a circle technique, I wrote the names of the bride and groom, and their wedding date inside a circle; drew a concentric circle over the first one and inside the space between the circles, I wrote “KAALAM NAMAMYAHAM”. I also asked the family members to chant “Kaalam Namamyaham”. Because the old lady’s health was so deteriorating that they thought of moving her to a hospital. See how time and space influence each other. That’s why I share this case history. She was moved to the nearby hospital. Within half-an-hour, she started progressing. I told them to keep the lady in the hospital itself, as Kaalam – time, has moved her to that SPACE. In the space of the house, she may die. That’s why when they prostrated to the time that it has moved her so well to a place where the old lady became healthy and everything happened as per their wish. Till the marriage, she was absolutely progressing. And after the marriage was over, the newly married couple took her blessings. She came back home and again the same drama followed. After about one week, she passed away on the date of Shivaratri (considered to be very auspicious to die). How beautifully time helps if you prostrate to it!!! Whenever anything bad happens, we don’t have any other option except to prostrate and surrender to Time. The same Time exists in our heart center as the quality of the soul.

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