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Benefits of Listening to Story of Rama’s Pilgrimage to the Forest

Naran S Balakumar

When to listen?

  1. To handle any disappointments and failures in life.

  2. When you are not able to accept something because of anger, or in general when you are seething with anger/rage/fury, listen to the story and do tapping (EFT).

  3. When you are worrying too much

  4. Basically it is a story to accept what is happening to your life. This will bring in mental healing in you, which is very essential to life.

What happens then? When we suffer we feel why we have to go through it. However, after going through the bad experiences, we realise what happened was right. Thus, behind unhappiness we can find divine order as well as happiness. Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is the nature of mind. What is painful today may turn out to be pleasure tomorrow. Therefore, accept totally whatever happens in your life. The mere acceptance will bring in a state of calm – which is essential to plan the next course of action. Nobody can escape from doing something. Do whatever after accepting it. A mental state of unhappiness will only bring in more unhappiness. To be happy, accept and be in a happy state, so as to find happiness in the events that occurs outside us.


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