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With Mother, miracle is a common rule

My husband was travelling out of station for an important business meeting.

I wrote the Mother's prayer in a paper.

"In the Name of the Mother

For the sake of the Mother

By the power of the Mother

With the Strength of the Mother

to all adverse harmful being or force

I order to quit this place at once and forever. "

Kept this prayer in his purse.

Yesterday he came back and we were resuming our routine.

After 1 hour there was a doorbell and a stranger was standing there.

He handed over my husband's purse and said "This purse was lying on the road. It had all bank cards and important receipts. I picked it up and came personally to hand over this purse."

Every thing was intact.

Purse was lost and lying on the road and it was returned safely even before we knew it was lost.

Its truly a miracle.

Thanks to Divine Mother.

Thanks to Naran Sri for giving us this prayer in Vaasudevam Sri Aravindam audio series.


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