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Divine Mother's Healing Number - Debt free life (New)

Healing code to become debt free

98035374 (To be chanted as 980 Lakhs 35 Thousand Three Seventy-Four)

How to use this healing code?

Do any 2 or 3 of the following methods

#1. Write the healing code in a piece of paper and keep it under pillow. Before going to sleep, look at the paper and chant the healing code (980 Lakhs 35 Thousand Three Seventy-Four) for 28 times, keep it under the pillow. As soon as you wake up, look at the healing code and chant "980 Lakhs 35 Thousand Three Seventy-Four" for 28 times.

#2.Take a notebook and write the healing code daily. (54 times or 108 times)

#3. Write the healing code in a piece of paper and carry it in your purse.

#4. Write the healing code in a piece of paper. Take a bottle of water, leave over the healing code (Bottle/glass should be closed and charged) for 4 hours. Then keep drinking the water throughout the day.

When doing this healing,

  • DO NOT think about borrowing money or taking loans. Instead focus on ways and means of earning more money.

  • DO NOT Worry about the debts. (Chant the healing code whenever you are disturbed by the thoughts of debts or any financial commitments)

How long this healing to be done?

This healing is to be done for a minimum of 365 days (1 year).


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