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Wish Fulfilled - Black Tourmaline


I want to share a success story.

Related to wish got fulfilled by Black Tourmaline stone

As guided by Naran sir in a blog, i had wished for my son's admission in a desired school for 11th.

Was doing chanting of switch words already but two lists had already come out and his name had not come.

Then I remembered about sirs guidance about writing our wish in present tense on a plain paper and keep the Black Tourmaline stone on it and once in a day to read it. There was not much hope left for the admission.

But I kept hope in this remedy and was hopeful miracles do happen if sir has guided this remedy.

And today we have paid the fees and his admission got confirmed in that school.

We got a call from the school yesterday after a wait of approximately one month.

Thankyou and gratitude to our Respected Naran sir.

Very grateful to all the guidance given by him.

Best is it is all easily available on net for all our situations.

Thankyou to all mentors for your unconditional help always.


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Hello! Where to ask Naran Sir for switchwords to get solutions? Please Help!

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