Why "WHY" is added as prefix in any affirmation

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Mind works in different parts. When you are restless, one part of the mind is restless but the other part of the mind wants to relax.

What is the Goal of any Emotion?

When you are angry, you want to have something in your way.

Because you are not able to achieve the goal, one part of the mind goes into the emotions

and start thinking the negative statements.

Ultimately the goal is not outside goal but inner goal.

When you are angry, you should be calm. That should be the goal.

When you are angry, you should not say “Why he is not listening to me?”.

Do not frame the sentence in that manner.

The state of mind or negative state of mind always want to switch over to positive side. That’s the goal of any Emotion.

When you are sad and depressed, say “Why am I happy?”

When you are fearful, say “Why am I safe and secured?”

When you are worried, say “Why am I at peace?”

When you have a problem, you always think about solving the problem.

When the same thought come, say, “Why am I peaceful?”

When you have an inner goal like this, the outer goal namely any physical problem or any situation will change.

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