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Why should we heal when divine is the doer? -Part II

Updated: May 10, 2020


Does that mean I need not do anything?


Knowing fully well that anyone would think like this, Lord Krishna also said when he talked about Karma Yoga, “You need to perform action. Without action you will wither. Just do it. However, don’t have the desire on the result, while doing the karma (work). Also, don’t stop doing your karma.” In accordance with what the lord said, healing is done without expectation. If divinity intervenes then it is well and good.If it does not, it is good too. How?

When you get what you want… When you get what you want after the healing, it is for your highest good and therefore you can confidently move forward thinking that it’s right for you. When you get what you do not want… On the other hand, when you don’t get what you want after the healing, even then it is for your highest good. If the divinity does not intervene, then what has been pre-written is good for you. This is the acknowledgment you have got from the divine. Now, you can confidently think of other alternatives. Healing alone can make both the results – wanted and unwanted, good. That is the power of healing and prayers.

Thus Healing is… Healing is nothing but a prayer. Healing is a call to divinity. Healing realigns us with the divine. Healing makes the mind accept what is given to us. Healing makes our minds remains calm and composed. Divine will enter or reveal itself only when the mind is calm. Healing makes you understand the ways of divine better. Healing refines our thinking and attitude. Healing pulls us out of ignorance. Healing is the step towards divinity. Divinity is our nature. Let us become divine through healing. Let us thank healing because it is a tool to make us divine and through healing let us ascend from the human plane to divine plane. – Naran S. Balakumar


This is very good. I have also been thinking about it. By healing we do not mean to focus on the events. We focus on the mind as because mind alone perceives or defines the problem, and judges the situation as good or bad. Healing aligns you to the soul by giving you the ‘no mind’ state. Thus healing is done for the mind and not for the events. No mind means no thoughts and no problems either. That is the state where we go beyond good or bad, and that is the state of the soul. Till we reach the no mind state, we need healing, not for the events but for the mind itself.

R Mohan

I am touched by what Saambavi has written. I was doing Reiki for healing a situation. Though, I felt that I was healing the clutter and darkness in me. I thought may be as usual Balakumar have not told us what he actually implies. I decided that I will try myself before questioning him and keep giving Reiki for the situation. Now after reading, what saambavi has written, I understand that we don’t give Reiki to the situation, but to ourselves.


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