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Why should I feed my child

Naran S Balakumar A lady has stopped giving breast milk to her 6-month old child. Her reasoning was “Before marriage I was going for work. But, after the birth of my child, I had to resign my job. Why should I resign my job? Am I the only person responsible? The child belongs to my husband also, who hasn’t left the job”. This resulted in conflicts inside the family. So, her husband consulted me – so that his wife will give mother’s milk to their child. I gave her a combination of Bach flower remedies – WILLOW (for aversion towards the child and CHERRY PLUM (for misplaced anger). Pigeon photo was pasted on the photograph of the wife. Within two months, she changed her mind. The need of the hour is the mother’s quality, for she has to take the role of the mother during the next two years. She can always get a job later.

Using Animal Remedies Using Animal remedies is very easy. Call the animal remedy or chant the name of the animal remedy few times, in times of problem.


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