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Divine Protection during Pregnancy (New)


Book VII : The Book of Yoga, Page 482

“There is a guardian power, there are Hands that save.”

Client: Sir, after multiple attempts, this time IVF treatment got successful.

I am 6 weeks pregnant now. I am happy that this time the treatment got successful through divine Bach flower remedies. But my doctor said “Scan after 12 weeks only can confirm pregnancy and to wait for another 6 weeks.”

Now I am constantly worried Sir. Please advice.

Naran : This child is given to you by Divine Mother. Leave your worries. This child belongs to Divine Mother. She will protect the child.

Chant “There is a guardian power, there are Hands that save.”

This Savitri line can be chanted by all pregnant women throughout pregnancy period.

This chanting protects both the fetus and the mother.

Read about Sri Aurobindo's Savitri:


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