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How to take care of premature babies kept in incubator

Naran S Balakumar The pregnancy time of 10 months is calculated based on the cycle of moon – 28 days per month. The delivery can occur anytime after 9 moon-months i.e., after 252 days of conceiving. Whenever a child is born before this time then the mother of the child has to chant “OM SUM SOMAYA NAMAHA” mantra to bring the moon energy to the child. It has to be done for 28 times a day, and for a period of 28 days. If she wants to continue for more time then she has to do it in multiples of 28 days – say 56 days, 84 days and so on, up to 280 days. The husband has to chant the “PURUSHOTHAMA, BHOOTHA BHAVANA, BHOOTHESHA NAMO NAMAHA” mantra. No limits for chanting this mantra. Lord Krishna is an embodiment of moon energy, while Lord Rama is an embodiment of Sun energy. In the case of Bhuvana, she was asked to chant for 28 days or 28 x 4 days or 29 x 10 days: No need to worry about the incubator as it is an equipment that is used to stimulate the mother’s womb and to monitor the child. The parents need not feel anxious about their child being kept in the incubator.


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