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Why ring finger represents water element?


How ring finger doesn’t represent earth? If ring and middle fingers are activated by pressing them with the tip of the thumb, then urine flow will increase. By doing it, a particular Mudra is activated and kidney is activated too. That’s why ring finger represents water. Earth will not move. It is stationery. If earth is represented by ring finger, as per the books, then how can it increase urine flow? It cannot. While water is moving, earth is non-moving. That’s why I have changed the ring finger into water element. One more thing, water always represents life and relationships. Exchange of rings happens from the ring finger, when we get married. That’s why it represents water (element).

Activating fire elementInstead of touching the tip of the ring finger with tip of the thumb, keep the ring finger at the base of the thumb. Water flow will reduce. If water is not distributed – reduced, fire element will increase. When fire is increased, catabolic activity will take place and is very useful for weight loss. Extra fat will be eliminated. Considering this fact, don’t do this (Fire) Mudra for 24 hrs continuously and next day check your weight in the weighing machine :)

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