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Why do you attract disliking events/people in your life

Whatever your conscious mind rejects, your subconscious mind wants it.

You may change the job, city or country, but still you will find same unhappiness, disliking, irritating people around you and dissatisfaction etc....

When your mind rejects a particular event, person, your subconscious mind will manifest it.

How to heal this situation and come out of the pattern?

Make a list of things/persons/events you dislike, resist in life.

Heal them using any of these 3 methods.

Method 1: NLP technique


My mother in law criticizes me always. No appreciation.

As you feel your mother in law is discouraging you, you will dislike her.

You will like people who appreciate you.

Intend within "I accept my mother in law as she is." (You can chant silently this affirmation within as many times as possible)

Close your eyes.

Visualize a white screen in front of you.

Now locate where you find the dislike box on the screen. Keep one hand fixed there.

Locate where you find the like box, keep your other hand fixed here.

Slowly move the dislike box (Mother in law) to like box (Appreciating people of your choice)

Both are merged together.

In the same way, you can heal all your dislikes.

Method 2:

Tapping: Tap all the points chanting the affirmation.

Ex: I accept my mother in law (name) as she is.

Method 3:

Take a notebook, write 108 times.

Eg: I accept my husband as he is.

In the upcoming blog, learn how your subconscious mind rejects whatever you desire and how to heal it!!!!!!!


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