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Why a person is not married?

Naran S Balakumar In one of your previous lifetimes – take the last three, in one lifetime, you would have had an unhappy marriage and decided that you will never marry again (in future lifetimes). You need to heal that marriage first, before you take steps to get married. May be this situation is temporary. Your parents when they were single they would have been rejected by two suitors. However, you are rejected by multiple suitors. One day you will find a suitor too, if this is the case. So to heal this situation, visualize your parents when they were single, and send Reiki to them with an intention, “Reiki flow through me and heal my parents when they were single and give a happy married life”. This also can be done by those who are happily married. Question – my parents lead a happy married life for more than 40 years. However, being their only daughter, I am divorced and didn’t have a happy married life. In general, your parents would have lived a happy married life. However, they might have had small conflicts now and then, which is common for any marriage. During one of those fights, your mother would have thought, “Why do I live with this guy? I wish I could divorce him and lead a life of single, which is trouble-free by all means”. This thought would have been picked by you and would have resulted in your marriage. It could have been due to your previous karma too. Interestingly, your sister might not pick that thought and will be leading a happy married life. From your perspective, you need to handle those negative thoughts of your mother as well as your marriages from the past. Take the last three and heal it. Heal the marriage of your ancestors –grandmother (paternal) and grandmother (maternal). Sometimes you may have memories of your aunts (from both sides). Heal their relationship too.


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