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How can we deviate from the past

Naran S Balakumar Chant “HARI OM” There are number of mantras which can nullify or neutralise the Karma. It does not mean that you will not repeat the Karma. All of us seek so many methods to nullify our Karma. Karma is a magic word. People say that they suffer because of their Karma.

Karma can be nullified but.... There are mantras that help you to come out Karma. But what is the guarantee that you will not repeat the same action in this Janma? When you look back at your life, you repeat so many things. We know very well that we have to shed our ego for harmony. But we never do that. We want to shed out so many negative qualities which we are not able to do. We repeat the same mistakes again and again. Assess yourself well. When you assess, you will find that you have repeated the same actions number of times. It happens because of the Karma Vasana. Memory of the Karma will make you do them again. We act only by memory. The memory bank in all of us is so enormous that it contains the history of your own past and entire past lives of yours. You still carry it. Even the brain and neurons are very small; they have the capacity to carry this life’s past and past life events; not only your past lives but also your parent’s and ancestors past lives.

How can we deviate from the past? We always repeat the same things and we do not know how to come out of it. How our brain operates? Suddenly you get angry. The brain within a split of second has got the data of all your histories of anger. It immediately flashes in your brain. So many data are available. An event happens. You involuntarily react. After the reaction, you feel that you shouldn’t have reacted in that manner. What is the split second? Within the split second, it brings forth all the data of your anger, fear etc. This particular event resembles that event in the past. At that you got angry and you get angry now.

You are a Robot It means that you are nothing but a robot, acting only from a memory. Hari Om is the only mantra which can erase the Karma Vasana or memory.  Till your death, you must chant this mantra. At least a part of the memory will be erased.

How to chant the mantra? You must say this mantra till you are not able to breathe. Continuously chant and increase the breathing. When you are not able to breathe, wait for some time, regain your breath and then chant again. Merge with mantra and become the mantra. Then the unconscious or the inner conscious mind will start chanting. It is not you who chant. When you lose the breath or chant along with your breath, it is your inner self or inner self which gets activated, takes up the chanting and starts chanting. Do the chanting and forget yourself totally. Merge with the mantra. Become the mantra. (i.e.) there is no duality. Who is chanting & who is chanted – there is no duality. Finally, the inner soul gets awakened and starts chanting. At that time, all your memories will get nullified.


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