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What is chanting? How it is to be done?

Updated: May 2, 2020

What is chanting?

When the client asked Naran, the following is his reply.

Chanting is repeating switch words or mantra as many times as possible.

Chanting is the tool. The mind should be on chanting of a mantra or switch words and not on the end result. You should understand, that we cannot achieve anything with our own limited knowing.

One should wish the desire and release it to the Divine for completion.

The constant worry and anxiety about the result prevent your wish to enter the divine field.

You can pray or chant only. Do that as many times as possible. You cannot control the situation and make things happen.

Pray, forget and focus on the work in hand.

Symbols Switch words, and Mantras are the means of communication from higher part of the mind.

O Divine! Fulfill my wish if it is thy order


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