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What a Miracle!!!

Sathya My friend and her husband’s boss’s wife are in a partnership business in which my friend does 95 percent of the work and the other one is doing nothing. However, the boss’s wife gets the major share. Now, my friend wants to come out of the partnership without any negative feelings between them.

Naran Ask her to chant “CENTAURY, HOLLY, PINE”

Sathya (after two weeks) As you said, my friend chanted the flower remedies given above. What a miracle! The girl herself came and told that she is withdrawing from the partnership as she is unable to cope up with it. Thanks to you and the divine flowers!

Explanation Develop the skill to say ‘NO’ and not be a door-mat: Centaury The opposite person of Centaury will be Holly. It will avoid any hatred and negative feelings: Holly Not to feel guilty for saying no: Pine When we are committed to say ‘NO’ then the other person automatically will understand and agree for the same.


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