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Switch Words for Success in Business

Naran S Balakumar Money Generation: COUNT Help to get very good business: TOGETHER DIVINE Learn to be successful: SLOW CARE LEARN JUDGE LISTEN To sell anything: GIVE To get complements from clients: PRAISE Get creative ideas: ON To be a good mechanic: CONSIDER To meet a deadline: NOW DONE Reduce expenses: CUT Expenses within budget: MIMULUS Solve a problem-REACH Get clients: FIND No regrets and no failure – everything leads to success: THANKS DIVINE ORDER To stop faultfinding with customers and employees: PRAISE To get co-operation from your workers: HORSE For continuous progress: MOVE ON Eliminate procrastination: DO To advertise: SCHEME To secure publicity: RIDICULOUS Handle difficult customers: REVERSE BE TINY BOW CONCEDE To know what is the next step: NEXT Remove clutter in office: CHANGE DIVINE ORDER To manage difficult situations: CALM BEAR GLORY DIVINE To stop thinking about work after a heavy work in the office: QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX Accept the situation as is: ADJUST


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Lost confidence in business

Client I am not doing well in my business and I see no hope in the future too. Naran Take the Bach Flower Remedies GORSE and LARCH. Explanation A GORSE person has given up solving the problem after ma

Satisfied with the income earned

Client My cousin was content with making just 5000 rupees a month. He was quite comfortable in that situation, though his wife and his in-laws do not show any respect for him. He is neither worried

Find Growth in Business

Naran S Balakumar To get new ideas in business: (Gem remedy) GREEN TOURMALINE For business to improve steadily: TIGER’S EYE Lock-outs in business: CAT’S EYE, (Bach Flower Remedy) STAR OF BETHLEHEM


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