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We are not excited about each other

ClientIt has been 2 years & 6 months since I got married.  Problem is conceiving a baby.  We are trying from past 1 year but we are not able to have.  One more thing we are becoming a bit lazy in sexual matters.  We have noticed that in a month of 30 days we involve in sex for only 2 or 3 times, which is really bad on our part. We actually realize this thing. And want to improve.  Please help us out.  I just want to conceive & deliver a baby.

NaranIf you are having two or three times, have it ten days after menstruation is over. Hang a picture of RABBIT in the bedroom. Hang a picture of PIGEON in the dining hall. You can chant “SWEETCHESTNUT, WALNUT, HORNBEAM” any number of time while retiring to bed.


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