Ways to make something happen in our way

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Ways to change or to make something happen in our way.

1. One method is TOGETHER ADJUST CHANGE – to remain calm.

2. Other is WHY statement.

3. Other is the same WHY Statement and talk to the other person mentally.

The husband is not listening to you. You want the husband to do well.

Talk to him mentally.

Why did you start doing well?”

"Why are you so nice to << your name?>>"

Talk to the person daily because throughout the day, you resent and curse the person. Now you want to change the person. Think that the change is there and what he need is to be pampered.

Everybody wants to be accepted and loved. As long as you don’t accept others, you will not be accepted. The conflict happens because of that.

Example: Marriage does not happen for a very long time a person. There is an inner resistance. Do not mind about what the inner resistance is.

Just say,

Why did you release all the resistance to get married?”

“Why did I release all my resistance from the past to get conceived?

You are trying for a long time to have something and you feel that there is some block.

You can say

“Why did I release my past life?” or

Why did I release my unconscious impediments?”

"Why did I get beautiful wife of my choice?"

Beautiful wife may not bring happiness.

Say, “Why am I happily married to a beautiful person?”

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