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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Chandra writes:

I wanted to share my experience of the power of Vim Vishnave Namaha.

Few days back , I had a very silly argument with my son. I was telling my husband that he should become more responsible and help around the house; at least clean up his room. And he overheard it. And he responded saying that since it was his room, I shouldn't bother if it was messy.

I was really upset, and I said , "See how he's treating us so disrespectfully . When we are doing everything for him he's answering back. What will he do when we are old and won't be any use to him."

Suddenly he flared up and said that if that's the way we feel, he will go and stay with his friend and he put some clothes in his knapsack and got dressed to leave. This was at 11:30 at night.

I knew if I continued to be in the conversation, it would only escalate. So I walked away and went to my room and shut the door. I was very disturbed , but for some reason my mind had become blank and couldn't remember any mantra or SWP to diffuse the disharmony.

Naran Sir had just done the Swadhishtana live session couple of weeks back and I had been chanting VIm Vishnave Namaha. That mantra was the only thing that came to mind and I just sat on my bed and started chanting. I actually prayed saying I don't know what will happen and I completely surrender to you.

Within 10 -15 minutes , my son came into my room and hugged me and apologised for saying hurtful things. And he said he loved both of and he also said he was tired and stressed so he lost his temper.

I cannot give enough gratitude to Sir for teaching us these Mantras and other remedies. Literally they are life saving. All of Sir's teachings are like blessings for me.

Not a day goes without giving my thanks to Sir


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